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Q. How long has this program been around?

A. The system, Bank acceptance, has been around for many decades.  We have been applying it for over 6 years.

Q. Why have I not heard about this system before?

A. Although this system has been around for decades and we doing it for over 6 years, very few professionals have mastered it and made it available to us.  Some know it very well and they take advantage of it, but don’t share that wealth with homeowners/borrowers.

Q. How many properties has this program saved and how long?

A. Our acceptance System has existent for over six years and has saved dozens of properties for friends, relatives and referred persons.  In January, 2010 we   decided to offer this service to others via “ referring agents.”

Q. What guarantees do the program offer?

A. Nothing in this life carries a 100% guarantee, but if you can stay in your house for another 90 days minimum and your application is accepted for process, the program does everything it can. Thus far the program has a 95% success rate.

Q. Is there an office I can visit to deliver my documents?

A. The person who has referred you to us may have an office, but we move documents electronically via the internet. The person who referred you to us will guide you through the process.

Q. Can the program process home loans in every state?

A. Yes, in the continental United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico,  and Alaska. Except Oregon and Nevada until new notice.


Q. I am about to lose my house in foreclosure, can the program help me?

A. The program needs you to give us 7 working days’ time so we can, we don’t stop foreclosures, we postpone, for months.  

Q. I have more than one loan on my property. Can I get help?

A. Yes, you can get help.  Each loan will be processed separately, for the first loan will be a contribution of  $1,500 for a membership which will entitled you to cure your 1st mortgage and  for any additional loan must be sent in separate emails.

Q. I am going through a short sale process.  Can the program still help me?

A. Yes.  Please contact the person who invited you to our program for more information. This program will not affect your short sale prosses.

Q. My property has a lien from a private lender.  Can I get help with it?

A. Unfortunately, the program does not process personal loan liens, although with we can make arrangements with the private lender to work out a reasonable deal, good for both of you.

Q. I filed bankruptcy and some creditors have a judgment against my property, can I get help?
A. Yes, it is possible to help you.  Contact your agent so we can go over your particular case.

Q. I am going through a modification.  Can I still get help?

A. Yes, This program will not affect the modification prosses.

Q. I have been making the payments on the house, but my name is not on the title due to my bad credit, Can the program help me?

A. Yes, it can be done.  Please get in touch with the person who invited you to this site, and they can get the details for you.


Q. What is the cost of this program from the beginning to end?
A. Please contact our gent rep, beforehand is very affordable.



Q. Is there a possibility to have legal problems with my bank if I participate in this program?
A. No!  This is a 100% legal process. Please, contact your agent so that the program will deal with it

Q. I have received an Unlawful Detainer Notice. Can I keep my property.
A. Your responsibility is to keep possession of your property. If you are in control of your property in the 7 days required by the program.

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