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  • Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments?
  • Is your home now worth less than you owe on the mortgage?
  • Are your payments and interest sky high and unaffordable?
  • Are you facing foreclosure?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help! You don’t have to lose your home, but you can only save it if you act quickly!
President Obama has been urging mortgage lenders to work with homeowners to save their homes. As part of his foreclosure bailout plan, he has asked lenders to modify mortgage loans to help owners avoid foreclosure and bring their payments current.
This plan could help:

  • Reduce your mortgage payments substantially.
  • Reduce your interest rate significantly.
  • Give you more time to pay off your loan.
  • Stop foreclosure proceedings that have already begun.
  • Wipe out late fees that make it hard to get caught up.
  • Reduce the principal balance on your mortgage.

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